Recognition: Period Ending 10-2-12

$3825 Heather Maze-Rojas, OH

$3810 Amy Dudley, OH

$3591 Cherri Obert, OH

$3011 Nate Hartwig, MN

(2 or more direct front line distributor enrollments)

4- Diane Coffee, OH

2- Michelle Rafferty, AZ

2- Valentine Huerta, MN

2- Nate Hartwig, MN

Tricia Irwin, OH

Michelle Cameron, OH

Diane Coffee, OH

Kerrie Carlisle, OH





Recognition: Period Ending 8-21-12

$11,072 Heather Maze Rojas, OH

$6,207 Darrell Skog, MN

$4,267 Meghan Graf, OH

$3,387 Crystal Medill, OH

$3,320 Nate Hartwig, MN

$3,205 Amy Dudley, OH

$3,109 Lori Snyder, MN

$3,051 Chris Yeley, IL

$3,046 Leslie Hansen, OH

$3,003 Corrie Stanway, MN

(2 or more direct front line distributor enrollments)

3- Corrie Stanway, MN

2- James Sadens, OH

2- Amy Dudley, OH

2-Lori Snyder, MN

Brett Dorrian, MN

Jeff Vanmaanen, MN

Heather Osborn, SD

Brett Larson, MN

Michelle Patera, OH

Patrice Moore, MN

Kelly Shanahan, MN

Jennifer George, OH

Brad Cavey, OH

Coleen Mahoney, OH
Janet Nelson, MN

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